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Additional Support

Family law, like family life, can be complicated. Not everything fits into neat little boxes. If you’re divorcing or leaving a relationship, for instance, you may also need to deal with issues involving children, parenting, finances, housing, and grandparental access – and that’s all apart from your emotional needs and feelings.

Your stress levels may well be going through the roof – most people’s are at times like this – and while it’s easy for people to suggest you sit down and consider your options calmly, it’s not so easy to do that when you have so many issues to deal with.

That’s where we come in.

We can help you untangle all the threads and work out what you need to do, and when. You’ll find us particularly sympathetic and supportive – but because we’re not you, we can look at things dispassionately and give you advice that isn’t clouded by emotions or family loyalties.

With our years of experience in family law, there’s very little you could tell us that we haven’t heard before – but your circumstances will be different from other people’s, so we’ll work out a plan that will deal with all of your legal issues, one by one.

However, you may well need additional support, either from ourselves or from other organisations. So we’ve put together some useful information and links that will help you.

But don’t forget that the best way to start sorting your problems is to talk to someone sympathetic who will understand and offer you sensible, practical advice. That’s what we’re here for.

So call us now on 01752 664444 and we’ll arrange to set aside some time for you.