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Domestic Abuse

If you’re a victim of domestic abuse – or fear you will be – we’ll do everything in our power to help you, advise you and protect you.

Our priority is to ensure you’re safe, above all, then to use every legal means possible to eliminate the threats and other difficulties you’re facing.

We take domestic abuse extremely seriously. So if you come to us for help you’ll never have to worry, even for a second, that you won’t be believed or that anyone will think you’re exaggerating.

Quite the contrary. We’ll listen intently and sympathetically to everything you have to say, and only then will we consider the best ways of helping you.

What we do depends on the type and level of threat you face. For domestic abuse comes in many forms, not all of them as obvious as the ones that involve physical violence.

Domestic abuse can be emotional, sexual, financial or psychological and be perpetrated by a partner or former partner against you or your children.

Sometimes it is outright intimidation that anyone can see, but it can also be so subtle that victims begin to doubt themselves.

The experts say that if you feel you have to change your behaviour because of your partner’s reaction, you are being abused. And most domestic abuse involves one person trying to control another.

In the time it will take you to read this page, another case of domestic abuse will have been reported to the police.

Tragically, two victims of domestic abuse are killed each week, and a quarter of all women will be abused at some point in their lives.

Whether you’re a victim of violence or other domestic abuse, or the threat of it, and whether it happens regularly or occasionally, we’ll help you find a way to stop it and regain the peace of mind you deserve.

If the threat you face is acute and immediate, we can put you in touch with organisations that can help you find a temporary place of safety for you and any children involved, and we can liaise with the police for you if needed.

Once you’re safe, we’ll use the law to give you protection. We can help you obtain an injunction in the civil courts that can ban the abuser from your home, if necessary, and specifically prohibit the abuser from behaving in particular ways.

The court may grant you a Non-Molestation Order which bans the abuser from harassing, pestering or frightening you or any children involved – and an abuser who breaches an order is committing a criminal offence and could be jailed.

If the court considers you’re at a high risk of harm from the abuser, it can grant you an Occupation Order that bans the abuser from your home and imposes an exclusion zone around it for six months at a time, and the court can make a breach of the order an arrestable offence, meaning that police can arrest the abuser if the order isn’t complied with.

We can explain all that in detail, and suggest other ways to bring an end to what, for many people, is a nightmare.

So give us a call now on 01752664444 – and we can help you begin to end the abuse.