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Nash Family Services

Families have issues. They also need solutions. Which is why we at Nash & Co have a dedicated Family Law team to help you cope with everything that family life can throw at you.

If you’re concerned about divorce, relationships, children, money, domestic abuse or the right to see your grandchildren, we can help.

And we mean help.

Not just by telling you your rights and giving you a legal opinion, but by actively championing your cause and throwing everything in the legal book at it until it’s sorted.

Or guiding you through mediation if that’s more appropriate. Demystifying all the legal jargon and explaining it in plain English. And holding your hand, metaphorically and legally, every step of the way.

We’re proud to be known as the approachable professionals because we appreciate that the legal side is only a small part of the worries you may have when you come to us for help.

Anyone who underestimates the stress you’re going through or concentrates solely on the legal aspects of your problem won’t be able to give you the help you really need.

So we encourage you to tell us all about your problem, over a coffee if that helps. Then, when we have the whole picture and really understand what’s worrying you, we can explain your options and the benefits or drawbacks of each.

You’ll find our service supportive, transparent, and cost-effective, and we won’t send you from pillar to post, either. We believe it’s better for you to deal with the same person on our team all the way through, rather than having to explain everything again to somebody new.

And if you need emotional support or other help to keep you going while we deal with your legal issues, we can put you in touch with all the right people and organisations.

Once you’ve talked your problem through with us, things probably won’t feel so bad. But whatever it is, we’ll be sympathetic – and there for you right to the end.

You’ll find a lot of useful information on this site, but there’s no substitute for talking to a human being who’s sympathetic, welcoming, and has a wealth of legal knowledge and experience.

So give us a call, whenever you’re ready, on 01752 664444 – and we can start to put things right.